Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Step one towards better lungs

I went last Wednesday for a lung function to walk away feeling upset and determined.
I worked so very hard prior to pregnancy to be allowed to conceive and now to be dealt the thought of walking backward is a little hard to swallow.

Very long story short my weight came in at 123 (which they want between that or 25) which is good.
But sadly my lungs took a plunge to about half function. I have some blocked airways.
I lost most of my muscle mass (which if you didn't know this is very important to support your lungs).

My doctor has advised me to return to my previous diet now and off my pregnancy one and get to exercising.

My journey has began in a desperate struggle against time and lung failure.

On Saturday I emptied every little piece of junk, processed unhealthy food out of the house.
Mike carried it away that night to the dump.

Sunday I went to Weavers market (organic/natural store) and bought mostly fresh veggies, fruits and white meat. I got the Six star muscle building shake (best in chocolate, but still :P) to drink twice daily.

My Sunday morning started out like this:
Wake up and blink at the intruding light,
Feed baby and Maddie,
I began my hard push on the treadmill unlike before. I ran half a mile (thought I would die as I gripped the handles) and walked another half. In 48 minutes. Afterward I thought my left lung would explode!
I started my Cipro prescription, Tobi neb, Pulmozyme and all my other meds.
I went to the store.
Sunday night we gardened while listening to bluegrass.
Ate Kashi Vegetable pizza (FYI: worth the 7 dollars!)
Went to bed.

Monday was about the same.
I ran one mile (still thought I would die and lung explode), and walked another mile in 45 minutes.
Ate an Egg sandwich with creamed yolk (salted heavily to make up for what I sweated out) on butter toast and a pear, drink my muscle drink :P.
I forget what I ate for lunch, but dinner was a whole baked chicken, green beans, rolls and yellow rice.
Desert was honey nut oats with blueberries.
Off to bed!

Today :)
I ran a mile and a half (felt great other than being out of breath) and walked 3/4 mile in FORTY MINUTES!

I am slowly getting where I need to be, I am hopeful!

My goal is to bring my FEV1 up to 80% in three months or less and my reward will be an Ipad 3!
Then my new goal will be one hundred! All the while maintaining a healthy diet and weight!

My baby is calling and must go.
I thought I would share and keep a random log

Much love,


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