Thursday, March 15, 2012

A ponder of beyond by a five year old

Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace.

When talking to my daughter you have a couple of conversational choices.
She can have that as to which a child would fully understand and find engaging or that of one an adult would find very surprising but indeed interestingly understood and direct for a child such Madison's age.

I love talking to my daughter on both levels and find it most satisfying that she can switch between the two if you choose too. But most of all would be the moments when she has pondered herself such that she must find guidance to over come all her thoughts to an explanation or more so an understanding.

Madison came to me in a rather frustrated look and explained that she has thought very much about life, but can't seem to understand what life is.
Being curious I first began with what brought on such thoughts? She explained that she was thinking of her anatomy and the circulatory system we studied. She doesn't understand how it even began to work. I started to explain again about cells and she stopped me. "no mom, how ones spirit lives in a heart but dies with the heart too? What meaning are we if that is it?"

I was rather taken back (far more an understatement) that she had got herself this far into her mind. She began to say mom for my attention and I told her that I believe ones spirit is entered when the very first moment an egg is moving to settle into the womb and began the cell process. I also believe that when one dies their spirit does not remain with it's body but moves on. In which I further believe is Heaven or maybe other great adventures God has for ones soul that is unknown.

Of course she reached her smile and sighed.
Good. I understand. She began to walk away but then I needed to know exactly what she took from my opinion. "Madison wait, can you explain you theory?"
She smiled and began the sweetest thing I have ever heard.
"I believe your soul is in your spirit not your body. What you do with it will always stay with your spirit not your body, and that is why everyone should be their best and help the world and one another.
You should not be afraid of death like you always say because you are not dying, your spirit is going some where else. Mom I know we all will die, but what can I do to make it easier for your spirit to leave one day?"
I tearfully replied "Just Kiss me Madison and say you love me."
Madison hugged me and comforted me with such beautiful words.
"one day mom our spirits will meet again and for that you or I should never be afraid and that is what I understand. I look forward to dying and our spirits be together again. I love you."

The are the words of a five year old girl who has no sense of race, hate, boundaries of religion that society pushes forth. She is one spirit that purely loves all and means well.

Bless always my child's soul, God willing.


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