Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CF and home schooling

~We love turtles~
Yes my fellow blog followers and those who have yet to read my awesomeness!
I am falling behind on my blogging.
So, I have discovered anything you purchase for home schooling (materials, resources, memberships to museums, etc...) is not TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!
Yeah so the hundreds I am dropping is money in the wind. Yes I know what you are thinking "why not send her to school". I will tell you. I spent for reading and language arts (remember I still have baby Michael to use this with) $250. Her science so far is at $30 (soon to add 70 with membership to science museum, but it is a national recognized membership) then in June she will take an entire week of four science class at the local University flower serenity garden $150 and during the summer we will be getting another science kit from the magic school bus totaling at science at $275. I have her Math and with materials to come it comes out at $35. Fine arts $40 We also pay for dance (soon to end) gym and girl scouts averaging to $125 a month.
A grand total is for the year: $725

I certainly couldn't send her to a private school for that and when we sent her to Pre-K by the time we paid for clothes, shoes, all school supplies, Bday class party gifts, gift shop at field trips, end f year party teacher gift, lunches and snacks we spent about $500 or a little more. So really when I think about the overall I am able to use our leftovers (because she couldn't take oven food), less clothes, school crap and several gifts, oh yeah gas. By the time I add in my savings I am really spending this yeah K-1st $85 for everything!

I home school because my 5 year old knows far more then she would in school.
I spend very little to do it and she gains more from it.
My five year old daughter is learning that x+8=12 and by instantly looking at it she knows that 8 and 8 cancels themselves leaving 4.
So to those who doubt the way of home teaching, know that my daughter can do science, language arts, math and art history in 2 hours and have the day to play, eat and visit fun places learning hands on, not stuck in a school all day.
I love picking up and going at anytime knowing that there is no deadline. We can decide last minute to pack the car drive 5 hours to the beach and build castles made of seashells, fish, visit the fort, go to the local aquarium and see the fish, sharks and talk to the educators and get up close to the happenings AND THIS CAN BE ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!

Madison is my daughter, but a lot of the time we are buddies discovering and learning through our daily life. I love being with her. I enjoy watching my son grow up with his sister by his side.
What a beautiful family life I have!

My little man and I

Madison's ballet outfit

I love jelly fish

Proud to be a Girl Scout

Over coming fear with trust and love
A daddies girl for sure

I love pictures

Madison showing off her new tap shoes.

Her Gym time...Gymnastics is her favorite

Madison built a funnel contraption for the ball to roll down,
drop through cone and go through hole ending in the bucket.
She succeeded!

The best Home schooling moments is looking back knowing
that you had an extraordinary day and tomorrow will be another one too!

CF is a hard disease to juggle. Between schooling, doctors, medicines, exercising and traveling I really have no time to settle. But in a way that is good. I am glad to be blessed everyday with the words "mommy, I am hungry please fix me some breakfast" or "mommy wake up the sun is shining and I brought you breakfast" (cereal trail on floor, yogurt or a jelly sandwich). I love getting up to feed my son and see his dimples as he looks so contently into my eyes.
I know everyday I am a blessed soul to be surrounded by such wonderful people who want and need me.
Thankful does not justify the way I feel.
Yes I home school and have CF!


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