Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's a Cold War again!

Three days ago I woke up feeling icky. I passed it off and went about my daily things.
In the evening after cooking, cleaning and tucking in my loves I sat down for a breath before bedtime. I relaxed rather well and was going to get a sip of water, as I began to drink I noticed a scratchy feeling in my throat. Two hours later I was sitting up in pain from a sore throat (which drive me crazy!). It continued through out the next day getting worse and the sniffles and aches started. Yep, after blowing my horn I knew I had Mike's man cold and I wasn't going to take this cold and be a woman about it! I sent him a text requesting certain medicines (which again another recall on tylenol that works best for me) and yogurt, I wanted a surprise and ginger ale. Oh yeah don't forget my waffles!!!
I usually suck it up wash my hands until their raw and call it a day, but after his repeated colds and demands in almost seven years I decided it's my turn!
He returned home and as he could see I was sprawled out on the couch with the look of death coming for me and he rushed to my side, pulled out the medicine helped me take it, gave me a cough drop, kissed me softly and protested against work and his loyalty to stay home until I have defeated this sickness and feed me, watch the kids and do the laundry!!!
Yeah right, he placed the bag on the counter, washed his hand plopped in the chair and said "your in my spot on the couch and your being ridiculous, it's just a cold. Your medicine is on the counter and by the way I have a cold too."
He just tried to down play my man cold!
So I laid on the couch, demanded to be waited on and at bedtime he made a secret run for it sticking me with the kiddos to put to bed.

It is the official start of the COLD WAR!!!

Plan A:Lay on couch and play asleep.

Plan B:
Make a secret run for the bed thirty minutes prior to his normal time and fall deaf-less to his cries for help.

Plan C: Say forget and hide in the trunk of the car.

Last line of defense:
If all else fails moan and groan throughout the night!

I feel prepared.



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