Thursday, February 16, 2012

So much to do and where do you buy time?

I am not sure I have much to talk about, but however when I get to typing it begins to flow. I suppose I will start with my naughtiness lately and that being to many DR peppers. So much so that I am banging my head on the wall because I have one can left and it will be my last until I kick my habit.
I am sure your wondering how it has turned into a habit but it is very easy for me. I get stressed and begin to miss things (my friends in Waynesboro, but not my old landlord) then I become overwhelmed and miss my friend even more(!) and I turn to DR pepper as an outlet. Then I am having one with almost every meal, snack and between. I do not gain weight but I lose it when I begin to drink soda to that extreme (and no it's not nice to have that problem). I began an uphill battle and I feel like I am failing. I told Mike last night he is not even to begging to get me a DP or gummies (my other go to) because I am starting a raw detox.

Now that you know Mike is going to lock himself in the bathroom in the evening let me point out something far more positive! Mike bought me a treadmill last weekend and I am loving it! Little Michael isn't a fan of being put down but mommy has to exercise~

Madison is soooo cute in her dance outfit. She is going this evening to have her team picture taken and I must say I am very excited to see them and their pose. She has truly blossomed since joining dance. She has started dancing around the house, singing and all over happier! It is so worth every penny. She takes gymnastics and dance. She has gotten so good at the uneven bars and loves the beam.
I am so proud of her determination and creativeness. In between that her and I go every two weeks some where fun (museums and other fun educational places) her favorite thing is drawing and coloring all day. I think this summer I am going to put her in a fun art class to explore her creativeness. I have checked into girl scouts and am waiting back to hear from them. She is doing great in her homeschooling and has so much fun with math.

Michael went to his doctors appointment with all smiles weighing in at 12LBs and still cute as ever.
Th doctor was ready to give him a shot and I informed her that we are waiting to start shots until he is older. Mike is very firm on this due to some things he has read from a doctor about shots and boys. Plus his second reasoning being that all those shots has to be done in five years not one. This put me in a position with the doctor where she felt she had to question and share her personal opinion. So I kindly explained that I respect her professional opinion but it's our choice and it has been made, but she kept on. I felt like a kid be lectured by their mother (I almost rolled my eyes and sighed). But any hippin-who We walked out with the assurance that if we change our minds we don't have to wait for an appointment. He is eating between 4-6 ounces and sleeps 8 hours a night! I am such a lucky mommy :)
He holds his head up so great and is getting better at belly time.
There is much more to talk about now that I have started...oh wait allow me to share one more thing!
My mother. lol, yeahhhhhhh.
She called me the other week and heard Madison crying in the back seat. She asked what was wrong and I told her that Madison realized that we weren't going to come to Virginia for Christmas. My mom became very silent on the phone (like scary movie man popping out from the shadow quite) and finally said "Michelle, you need to stop that nonsense. You know that you won't miss a Christmas with the White's you always spend your Christmas at their house (this said in a snooty manner)." I explained about as kindly as one can with a crying five year old, a hungry baby and a rather pissy mannered adult on the phone that once we are there we would have to fly home (no way will I drive) and for four tickets, luggage, pet sitter, rental car and money for food and gifts we would spend over a thousand dollars, BUT (with much sarcastic enthusiasm) if she paid for it we would happily come stay with her.
Yes I know being a smart ... isn't very nice but she has been on my case way to long and angry over this. We have to move to keep our job. We have to move to save up money to move back to Virginia near UVA. This is things we have to do! I did remind her that we will pay for a train or plane ticket for her and dad to come to TX and she just didn't seem happy with that. Love my parents but it is shocking that they leave their house more so mom, that being dad wants to get away. But yet again she refused to accept this and get her last word in by saying "Michelle I just want this to end and you know that your not moving so stop it. Well I have to go do the laundry love you bye."
Oh the family drama, I sooo am happy to have miles between it all!!!
Well both children are begging to be fed and I am hungry too...
I will update you next time on some really yummy juices I found.

My true friend to whom I miss and love until I move back home :)



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