Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If I die young...here are some of my written poems.

Holding out my arms reaching far,
its slipping away, all I have loved for.

No matter the fight, tear drops or gasps,
its slipping away, all I have loved for.

When they say you see it all, never did one say
how hard it would be to let it fall.
its slipping away, all I have loved for.

Life is like a mirror until its past and future unite,
then like a thief in the night it becomes clear,
its slipping away, all I have loved for.

Sweet words and warm hands guides me to a better land,
how I pray as I see it all in front of me.
its slipping away, all I have loved for.

Whispers and light something is right.
I hear what I have and whats to come, but all I want is one more day to see them play,
feel his arms and know that tomorrow will come.
its slipping away, all I have loved for.

Tears and whispers, peace and warmth who knew that life could be so heavy and death so light?
I know its time and looking back I am fine with slipping away from all I will continue to love for.


Summer breeze, spring flowers, nights stars
that is who I believe we all are.

One must go so another can grow. How else would we see at night.
Where would the whisper of new life be if God didn't call me?

You may cry, life is fast I promise you it will pass you by.
Save your tears and live not in fear for I know that with life there is death,
but I lay at rest in the chest of earth and I await to spread my tears of joy on
your triumphant days.

Go out, please and play. Don't let my fight be in vain. I didn't fight for you to stay in at night or close the curtains on the rays of my love.
Come out and see my love in a tree because this is me and that's what I believe.

My love, my partner, the one who held me it's here where I lay and await Gods day when we will become the rays.

My eyes shine down on you and I whisper in the woods "come to me in His time and live you life better than mine. We have made together the song of love and God gave us tomorrow to have them both. If not for me but for them come out to play and find love again."

For Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.
To Give, love, kiss and hug.
God and I are watching from up above.


No I am not dead yet, though with every day we all are one day closer.
This is some of a collection of poems I don't want to lose, but share and record.

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