Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exciting and Random

New machine on L, the old one on R

For over six years I have been requesting, filing papers and hoping for a miracle.
Last week I was approved for an upgrade for the new vest machine.

The opportunities that this presents for me are beyond exciting to share! I have traveled and been away from home lots of times. With traveling my old tank of a machine wasn't an option because I barely could pick the thing up. My new machine allows me to be mobile and an on the go CF'er.
I have a rolling case that it fits into and also has a side pocket that my compact neb machine fits into. Having both of my babies (5yr old and a newborn) it is crucial for myself and their future for me to take every treatment possible. Mike and I danced a jig when the box sat on our front porch.

Christmas time!

Yes our house is filled with the joy of Christmas that we celebrate. Amongst celebrating Christmas we are learning about other December holidays and celebrate them too to better understand them.
Madison looks forward to celebrating not only our holidays, but the ones around the world. I love home schooling her. She gets to learn of all religions, celebrations and everything else that makes this world a whole and every person in it unique and special in their ways.

My hiking buddy!

I love this photo. My little girl and I hiked for a few miles up the AT then onto the trail to the trail that led us up the mountain to Black Rock Summit. The view was great, but even better as we shared a memorable time in the out doors. She hiked with a a heavy water pack and her lunch. It was all up hill and she kept up right with me never complaining once.
I love my hiking buddy and look forward to many more hikes to come.


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