Friday, December 2, 2011

All Natural....but still shaving ;)

I have personally believed that the foods around us can really contribute to our health.  Not just physically, but mentally as well.
Of course there is countless studies to prove such and we still choose to stick with the habits, cheapest and easiest foods.
To have a steamer is so wonderful not only for your family, but the kids who can help get their veggies ready and learn to eat and love them!
Babies first start out on nothing but veggies~ where do we go wrong? About a year or so into their life we grab that quick pb&j, chicken nugget meal from McDonalds and sometimes stoop to the old frozen cuisine.

Now I am not out to bash, pick or offend on this because I too have don the same. My parents are now famous for living on their microwave and fast food meals and the after math they are dealing with in their mid and late 60's is very upsetting to me. They have type 2 diabetes, obese, blood circulation, heart and blood pressure problems.
My father went into the hospital (long story short) after they changed his diet within two days he was completely off of his insulin and sugar, blood pressure, oxygen levels were normal and stayed so, that is until he returned home and not even a day later he was back on his insulin and everything else returned to high levels. They have chosen this and it saddens me deeply.

We all will die, but how we suffer with our health before so is something to consider and invest your diet and exercise in.

I had to change my diet during my pregnancy because I couldn't stay on my natural mostly veggie diet. In order for me not to weigh a toothpick I had to triple my calories and even then I struggled. I also had to give up most exercise due to being on and off bed rest and then light rest.
Now I can return to my diet, but giving up some of my naughty high calorie dishes are going to be my challenge!

I am setting up an appointment with a Naturopathic for this month or Jan.

My plans are to combine both medicine worlds and doctors to treat my CF.
The goals I have in mind is to have a natural healthy diet and exercise routine to sustain my CF where it is and hopefully prevent CF related diabetes.
With education and determination I hope to ease off of the modern medicine to a far more natural alternative that keeps me healthy!
I will be keeping my hypertonic saline treatments, inhalers (for attacks), Zenpep and vest.
I will be completely open minded to the use of antibiotics and use them when it seems I have hit a wall or need a little more help.
I will not risk the possibility of compromising my health at all to do so.

I have practiced a diet that consisted of steamed, raw veggies, lots of fruits and high protein.
By adding nuts and different oils I gain lots of calories and with my exercising and high active lifestyle I need to eat A LOT!!!
Small but frequent meals are key not only for a steady weight, but that is suggested with diabetes (which I hope to prevent).

I HATE NEEDLES!!! I will have my port stuck, blood took BUT if you dare ask to prick my finger or inject me I lose it!

I will keep you updated!


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