Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 7th we met our son Michael Jr.

Michael Jr.
5lbs 15.6oz


Michael was welcomed into our family at 2:48pm on Monday November the 7th 2011.

We went Saturday the 5th of November and started with our induction.
This being decided what was best for my health and his. My overall health has been going good, but with the Pseudomonas positive sputum culture I was put on a safe antibiotic to maintain and help with the infection. With my growing belly and loss of breathing room it was decided that in both interest of him and I he would be welcomed to this world prior to his actual due date.

He was as healthy as could be and remained with us in our room.
Madison was so happy to finally get to meet her brother. Every night from after finding out we were expecting Madison kissed and hugged her brother good night. As he grew Madison enjoyed his kicks and doctors appointments listening to his heart beat.
We certainly loved watching her connect with her brother and wanting to share in on the experience.
As time came closer and we settled into our new home she became the nesting girl of the house.
She stayed on top of us of things we had to get done, buy and make before his arrival. The week prior to our induction her little nesting went into over drive. Mine finally kicked in, but wasn't needed with one nesting nut in the house!
Madison's first time seeing her brother
She loved holding him and was so upset to hand him over

We came home that Wednesday night about 6. Mike and I were so happy to be home.
We had a great normal delivery and hospital stay. Our son was with us and healthy and we were
ready to get home to our little girl and all of us be together!

Madison loves wearing her Big sister shirt and I hardly can keep it off of her. I am going to have to buy a few more! I wash it with every load of laundry I do and sometimes toss it in the sink for a hand washing. Michael received a little brother outfit at his shower and she loves for him to wear it.
However it was NB and up to about the 20th of this month he has been in preemie.

Big sis & lil brother
The experience and blessings of having two great pregnancies are far more than one can express.
I am so grateful to have two wonderful children and such a wonderful father to my children and partner. I know many CF patients struggle with trying to conceive naturally or even having to go through a far more difficult process. God blessed me with natural conception and birth.
But even more is everyday I spend with these three incredible people in my life!

Our little monkey man

He loves his swing!
This was his first time in it.

His first bath.
He never cried.

So adorable!!!
Our latest pic of little man.
He now weighs 6lbs 2.6oz and is getting some cheeks!
He is all ready to go hunting with daddy and sissy :)

                       Here is a picture of our little family.   

Cystic Fibrosis isn't a disease that my children will ever have to personally face as their own physical challenge. But as time grows longer and we grow closer Cystic Fibrosis will be their emotional battle and to me that far out weighs any physical struggle that I am faced and will be faced with.

When I look upon these three beautiful souls and think of what is to come with or without CF it is heart throbbing pain that overwhelms me. I love my babies and Michael beyond anything I can ever explain.
I would never intentionally hurt them, but the future is unavoidable.

I love you Michael, Madison and little Michael.
My heart, soul and everything else I am and ever will be is because of you.


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