Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Mike and I

Our little family

Madison hugging her brother

Wonder Woman!!!

Yes we took little Michael trick or treating too!

I think he made out good ;)
It was a wonderful Halloween here today. Madison woke up very bright eyed and ready to trick or treat.
Mike however was feeling down and went to the doctor. They think he has a little viral bug and went on to prescribe him an antibiotic just to be on the safe side. But he is making a come back.

Maddie and I went to gymnastics and after that I surprised her with a trip to McDonalds to let her play on the big jungle gym and get something to bring home. All of us ate lunch and took a nap!
Feeling so refreshed we began getting ready for or evening of candy hunting and loaded up the car.
Now we are home after an hour long walk and many laughs watching our little girl breeze door to door for treats. The sweetest part of the evening was her looking after every house to see what she could find that we liked to give it to us. After one house she ran back to me and said "I got to pick my treat and I picked Dots because they're your favorites mommy". It was the sweetest most heartfelt thing. It was so worth every little slooow step house to house. I must say I did enjoy walking and it leaves me in anticipation for the coming weeks.

We are home now settling in and having a bowl of veggie soup.
Here are some photos and I hope everyone has also had a blessed Halloween!

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