Saturday, October 29, 2011

No baby (yet) and we are happy

We are home with no baby or induction. My tempature that sent me in (101.2) was checked out and my blood tests came back normal and my CF doctor ordered chest Xrays. After much convincing I did them and they came back looking great! I am happy to wait until next week, but so excited and ready now to hold my little man.

We are grateful to announce that Michael has surpassed his sisters birth arrival by a week as of Friday. Madison was born and fought at 34W and 5 D. At this time 5 years ago she was still fighting in NICU and still had almost another week before she was ready to come home. With knowing this we are grateful he has passed that milestone of pregnancy and in all hopes he will wait until next week when he becomes closer in the clear!

Tomorrow is a laid back day and I am trying to enjoy them because my entire life will be changing after next week.
I am trying to prepare myself by thinking of schedules and scenarios of when he comes home and how to adjust to such. But as we all know no amount of prep can get you ready, I am just going to have to go with the flow.
Mike and I are purchasing a tread mill a week or two after he comes home. I used to be very mobile with Madison, but having two and it becoming winter this time I am going to be a little less mobile for having a new baby and for everyone's health this winter.  SAY NO TO GERMS!!! Madison has become a very alert "germ washer" and keeps her hands away from her face and washes them when she comes home. We are trying to find a balance between non obsessive and practical. I don't want to turn her into germ OCD, but aware.

I find it great that today so many family members of mine were posting pics from VA on up to MD with snow. Monday is Halloween and it may be a white one for them! I enjoy seeing it, but I am so glad it held out and didn't make it down my way.  For Halloween Madison has decided to be Wonder Woman! (pics to come)

I wish you all a great weekend and start working up a sweet tooth!!!


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