Sunday, April 29, 2012

*Sparkling princess*

Madison is our free spirited child. She is independent in so many ways.
If she decided she was hungry there were no obstacles in the way to the food she craved. If she wanted to go right she did so without contemplating or looking back.
As a parent this wonderful trait at times left you feeling like it was a curse, but when you think of her future there will no worry that she will be pushed around or misled. 

At an early age Madison decided that things must be organized and done a specific way, this way is called "Madison's way or the highway".

DRAMA QUEENS(!!!) oh yes, if Madison falls down she fell "twenty feet high" and hurt herself and may lose her leg, if the baby pulls her hair "he pulled almost all of my hair out mommy!" Oh the best one is her flopping on the bed with arms and legs spread out weeping because she has to take a nap and within three minutes she is snoozing.
The drama never ends. I would love to say it gets better, but I am thinking it is getting worse.

 Madison is such a great sister. I don't know why I was worried that it would be to much for her.
Now that is not to say she hasn't had any rival jealous issues, but overall it doesn't matter to her.
She helps feed him. holding him and best of all she can make him smile and giggle.
Our car rides are quite and our evenings are joyful watching them both play together.
She is such a blessing :)

Jensen & Madison

I am loving the "daddy talks" that Mike has with her trying to convince her that boys are gross, cootie infested, fart bubble blowing, icky creatures and she should stay clear of.

But Madison does her evil laugh and says "daddy I have kissed Jensen and he is the most wonderful boy. He takes care of me if I get hurt, hugs me when I am sad and doesn't allow anyone to hurt me. Boys are not icky!" I of course laugh, laugh and laugh at each of his failed attempts.

 Let's get down to the dirty business of girls. They are sassy, sassy oh yeah and SASSY!!!
Or maybe it's just mine.    ;) But still adorable! You will find yourself tucking you lips in trying
to hold that laugh in.

My favorite and most often seen part of Madison is her gentle loving side.
What a wonderful daughter she is. If one of us are feeling down she is there with a hug and kiss to comfort you and ready to get you anything you ask for. She has been blessed with a loving spirit, cuddly arms and best of all a giggle that can brighten anyone's day.

Joy ride with daddy

Mike and Madison have such a fun time on their daddy and daughter dates… Fishing trips, boating, building irrigation systems, house projects, shooting guns and so much more. She is always ready to slip her boots on and march in her fathers foot steps.

I love our mommy daughter dates. We eat, shop and get our hair done.
She is also my outdoor gal who is willing to take big uphill hikes for
a picture perfect view. I couldn’t ask for a better hiking buddy. She carries a pack weighing in at 6LBs and never complains. Yes roll your eyes and think "bla,bla,bla" and yes I am bragging!!! :) 

Madison & Buster enjoying our 8 mile ascend

Our 8 Mile hike in Virginia
Daddies star performing in a play as a dalmatian.

We love our love bug.
If you are to be blessed with a sparkling pink, free spirited, loving, sassy, dramatic girl just know that they grow as quick as trees and they'll never slow down.


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