Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good morning... "Already?"

Momma boy

I love the days when the sun hits the clouds, birds take flight and children start whining and crying.
Yes, yes that is my mornings. Since sending Maddie to this school it requires that we all get up at six.
This is a big change from home schooling.

I am so grateful for my sleep. I am usually in bed around nine, but I'm still so sleepy the next morning. I am thinking about going to bed around eighty-thirty, however I can't help to think that such a bed time makes me like a century old woman.
No one I know goes to bed that early...well that is if you exclude the ELDERLY!
I am happy to admit I care not of what others think, but more so laugh with them at how ridiculous I am. One thing is for sure while my kids are asleep at 7:30, Mike is in bed at 8 and from here out I will be piling sheep up while zzz's feel them room by eight-thirty, And this means while everyone else is tackling their schedules and children may day is done!

Let's get to another important issue, my daughter.
She is so much like me, a free spirit and wanders about her day as though it is her last and everything must get done NOW! I too feel that way, however it takes a lot of energy this old twenty-four year old mommy needs for other things (house cleaning, baby, etc...) so I must tame my wild side.

I will now explain my wild side...

1. Hopping into the car and just driving as far as my money will take me down highways and back roads with no purpose.
2. Leaving kitchen in mid cooking because it popped into my head that "yes, I deserve and would much rather enjoy a dish I did not have to prepare."
3. Going out of town for a few days and right before having to pack up I decide "why not a few more days?"
4. "Mike, let's put the kids to bed and sneak outside to listen to the frogs." ETC.....

Yes this is my "wild" side.
Madison wakes up and asks :why not the park, zoo, museum, fly a kite?", "who cares about this or that, let us pack the car up for a hiking picnic day. Or better yet let me skip school for a mommy day of ice cream, pajama and movies!" I do feel responsible for this, but in a way as long as chores are maintained and it isn't an everyday occurrence then SURE!
Yeah right, I will be honest as long as there is gas in my car out the door we are!!!

I am excited to see Michael's personality as he gets bigger. Tonight he has discovered that when we eat fruit it leaves a delicious juice behind that he demands his paci be dipped into. He stiffens his legs, fake coughs and lets his paci fall down and whines until you dip and return it. He is so cute!

The best part (a kind of "what have I done?" way) is how much he loves me. He doesn't want me to do anything with out being two feet from him. He will not play or be any definition of content unless he is in full eye shot or reach. I can't get anything done!
Today I decided I would semi-firmly say "no." I must admit I was surprised how silent he got for I would say about ten seconds, then the puckered lip began to shake, tears fell, and oh the worst part he lay his HEAD DOWN!!!
It broke my heart and I couldn't help but think "what kind of monster does this to a precious baby who just wants to feel loved?!?!" Oh yeah, I beat myself up for it.
Bad mommy, bad, bad, terrible mommy!!!

I am now considering a sing both functional at side of home and I can get my chores done
without turning into this big green monster who may have to say "no."

To sum up this post I will say that my garden is doing great! My composting is going wonderfully, between recycling and composting I have cut my use of trash bags over HALF! My pond is waiting for the tadpoles to get big enough I can clean the ick from it, I am sure the gold fish will appreciate it. But I can't kill the wait has begun. Oh exciting moment(!) I discovered I have a nest of honeybees living in my house!!! How WONDERFUL (no sarcasm implied), Mike is scared of the bees and nervously stands by as I go to the nest talk to him about them etc... He wanted to kill them so I threatened his life upon theirs "Why does their life have any less value than yours?", needless to say that this being the "issue" of the house I called a bee removal guy who rescues honeybees and he will remove the hive AND :) after a hour or two of talking I can help and start going to their bee meetings and helping with bee hives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes a dream and prayer friends have been answered!~
Yes God and all His wonderful spirits has blessed me!

I guess that is all to share.


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