Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Aug. 28 at 3:25am

What a busy week that is behind me and a few busy weeks that lay in front of me.

I am wide awake due to much unwanted coughing. Tonight was my last night for a
couple of days to have Mike all to myself before he heads off to NC.
Yes that is right NC. We are moving there for a year until the new job in TX starts up.

Many things to do before I leave VA and one of those things are setting up a last CF
appointment at UVA and then going to meet my new team at Duke. I am nervous about 
such a transition in my care so late in my pregnancy. At UVA the doctors have 
coordinated care with my OB and CF team. I do hope Duke does the same.

I suppose if I could complain about a CF related issue it would be the coughing.
The coughing usually is just when doing my meds and airway clearance.
However when a flair up is on the rise the coughing begins to increase at an annoying
rate. So much so that even though Michael usually toughs it out in the bed beside me
I know he is just as miserable as I am. Some times he does head out to the guest bed or I 
will from feeling guilty from coughing and depriving him sleep.

So tonight, my last cuddle night I am hiding in the office far from the bedroom where my 
Mike is peacefully sleeping. I came in here not only so he could get some kind of sleep,
but also so I could do some airway clearance. I feel so upset with myself that I can't stop
coughing for one night so everyone can get sleep. My stomach  muscles also wishes 
(and i'm sure the baby too) the coughing would just subside. Monday first thing I'm
calling my CF doctor to get in and see her ASAP to have this beginning flair up done with.

After the baby is born and I can resume my regular medicines I do expect that I will not be
dealing with constant small flair ups. I miss my inhaled antibiotic and other oral ones.
I was so well maintained on them that I can tell I haven't had anything for months.
It's just Pulmozyme and Hypertonic saline toughing it out. Also being on and off bed rest
and not being able to exercise to the extent I was hiking before pregnancy isn't helping.

Tuesday is my OB appointment and my first gestational glucose testing. Prior to pregnancy
I had no diabetes and hopefully still with pregnancy I won't get gestational diabetes.
I just can't wait to have little man here and back to my diet, exercise and medication.
But most of all to hold and snuggle him.

Well... It is going on 4am and I'm going to crawl in the guest bed to try for some sleep until
my little sweet girl wakes me up!

~ Michelle ~

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