Friday, August 12, 2011

Outlaws on the move

Yeppers!!! We are on the move.
True outlaws, so some of my family may say.

 We are headed a little ways from home with Mike's job.
I must say we are extremely grateful and happy to have such an oppurtunity 
and adventure. We are headed from our VA home to TX. We are expected to
live there while he pursues his new career for about three years.

It is a little stressful being pregnant, packing a house, moving records, trying 
to help those who don't deal well with such news and being excited and up beat.
But it is sooo worth it all. Madison will have a great time seeing the country and
just maybe after this adventure we are talking about moving to Germany for a year.
Shhhhhhh for heaven's sake don't tell my parents yet!

However I do have a new picture of my little growing baby boy who is making a melon
out of my tummy!

Madison and I went to our local lake for a fun day playing on their beach.
She finally convinced me to buy a bathing suit and even picked it out for me.

We had so much fun, here are two more pictures!

Madison making a sand angel

She is so great, I love my little girl.
I hope all is well and sorry for the delay between updates.
Have a great weekend!!! 
I know I will, the fair is in and that means FUNNEL CAKES!!! 

~ Michelle ~

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  1. Madison looks nice in that swimsuit.