Monday, August 1, 2011

The overwhelming selections

YAY, breathe, OH BOY, just breathe...
That is how Michael and I felt when we went to register. 

We were all smiles and giggles as we walked back to the desk to register, 
Michael was so excited to be be the one to hold the scan gun. 
We sat down filled out the paper work and Mike got the gun. 

We turned around and instantly it hit us, where do we start?
In five years since our daughter the changes in baby stuff is overwhelming.

We devised a plan to start with the back walls and work towards the center aisles.
Mike ran (gun in hand, smile on face) to the diapers looking for the swaddlers.
We used that brand for Maddie and loved them. She was super sensitive and
those seem to be the only diapers that didn't cause her to break out.
That was easy. 
As we adventured into the unknown we went from easy decisions like;
diapers, wipes, and blankets to the incredible over whelming part "the big items".
Bouncers, swings, play pins, bassinets, jumpers, bath tubs and let's not 
forget to take into account the 30+ different types of bottles all claiming to be the best.
Luckily for us I knew the brand we were going to first try. 
As some may know, babies choose their bottles, it's really not you.

We spent an hour and half in the store and by the time we went through everything an narrowed
down our top choices between the selections we flopped down in the chairs at the desk as they finished with our registry stuff.
We waddled (more so me) to the car and decided for lunch it was Five Guys fries and Smoothie King smoothies. We came home and passed out!

With that behind us, we still have a crib, changing table and rocking recliner to choose and buy.


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