Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a..........

A happy Mommy & Daddy to be!

 Michael had to work but luckily got off to come to our big awaited appointment. 
We met up in the parking garage and waddled across the bridge that connects to the hospital.
As I am crossing this bridge the baby decides to start kicking downward making me want to rush 
to the womens restroom. I begin to pick my pace up and Mike asks what's the hurry? I inform him
and cut a hard left and grab the door handle to realize that it is occupied. Now this is one of those 
moments that you know will not wait for the other person to finish whatever it is their doing. In a 
panicked voice I yell "crap" as I do a little dance. A doctor walks by turns around and says 
"the mens room is right up the hall." I suppose even men can see the signs of fear in a prego's eyes.
I bust down the hall rip the door open and hid to the stall. No I did not give any warning, nor did I 
care if anyone was in there. A man is a man.  I quickly build a TP shield and become a very happy
relieved pregnant woman again!
Yes, yes I did!

We head down stairs to registration and then head to our ultrasound appointment.
I hardly could hold in my excitement as I sat waiting to be called back.
They finally did call me back and we had even bigger smiles. The lady said today she had
measurements she had to take and what not. She did all of those first and we watched our sweet
little baby move around and kick the entire time, which happens all day and all night anymore.
Then she did some profile pictures of the baby. I noticed that Mike successfully has a second child with his button nose. I love his nose so I am glad that our child got it.

Our sweet little baby   

We waited as patiently as could be until she asked what we wanted and we tried
to hold our excitement in for a paticular sex. Then she scrolled down and pointed with an
arrow to the part of importance that determines girl or boy.

It's a....   

Have you figured it out? It's a boy!!! The picture looks strange but there is a leg in the lower
part of the picture and right above it is the boy parts floating around.

We are having a son!!! What a perfect ending to the addition to our family! 
Michael and I have a wonderful beautiful relationship that seems to grow and blossom with 
each passing year and we have been gifted with a wonderful, brilliant and beautiful daughter and
now we have a tiny, adorable,  brilliant to be son.
What a gift from God to have such a wonderful balanced family full of love.

The sissy to be! And a good one she shall be.

 Thank you for taking the time to share in our excitement of getting know our family.
Soon we all shall meet our baby boy. Which has yet to receive his name, but I will let you know!

~ Michelle ~

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