Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wow, October already!

It is unbelievable how time has flown since my last blog entry. It has been over a month and it seems as though it was just the other week. We have been busy with unpacking and becoming situated in our new home in NC.
Two weeks after settling in I began to feel like a nasty cold was taking residence in my lungs.
After a sputum culture it was evident for the first time Pseudmonas had taken growth.

I was admitted for a couple of days at Duke and now home on an IV antibiotic that is to be safe for baby and I. My next appointment is Tuesday and I officially meet my new CF team. I hope that things are going to check out a little better, but I am certain we wont know for sure until the baby is born.
But prayer, aggressive medicine treatment, diet and exercise will be what I concentrate mostly on.
I am doing saline treatments 3x a day, Pulmozyme twice daily, Tobi inhaled twice daily and vest 3x daily. Soon after Michael is born we will be adding treadmill exercise. I do hope that I can also add in meditation. When I do my second treatment of the day I do an herbal breathing treatment known in the Chinese herbal medicine world.
You boil about a cup of water
5 drops of Eucalyptus Oil
5 drops of peppermint Oil
7 drops of Grapefruit Oil
After boiling water put in a bowl (one just for this use) and then add oil. Slosh around, sit down place a towel over head and bowl to trap steam in to breathe. It is a little strong but after several minutes of breathing and coughing you come out feeling refreshed and able to breathe really great!
This works for any chest congestion and nasal as well as colds, etc...

I will do my best by the end of the week to do an updated post after my three appointments.
God bless you all and have a wonderful week!

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