Sunday, March 31, 2013

I lost my account!

We have missed so much together over the past year. I will blog as much as possible to get you up to date. I will start with the fact it has taken me forever to get into my account! I lost my email and password that is needed to get into Blogger and my Gmail account. No fun, but I'm back, alive and happy to be able to blog to everyone!

Where to start...

I suppose I will start with my summer in 2012.
Mike's job required us to live in NC. Mike was busy working at Duke on a construction project that added onto the hospital. I switched my care from the adult CF team at UVA to Duke University. I was thrilled with my new doctor at Duke. He is a perfect match for me.

Madison attended a year round elementary school until we moved. Mike's job was coming to a close towards the end of July. We were preparing to move back home to Virginia and take a small town job. Mike put in his notice and we left the company we have worked for for the past few years. Mike was unhappy with his current state of work and tired of moving so much and wanted to settle down. We were in search of a new home outside of Lynchburg so he would have an easy access to his new job. Little did we know god had bigger plans. We received a call from the company we just left and they wanted to rehire Mike. After a couple weeks of back and forth emails we reached an agreement.
We would move to Tennessee and Mike would be working on a new job that would be starting late fall early winter. In the mean while they wanted Mike to travel to Germany for a Government construction job on a military base. We were thrilled!

Mike packed his bags while waiting for his passport and got everything in order for the children and I to come soon after his arrival. The children and I lived at his parents house, stored our furniture in a storage unit until we returned to move to good old Tennessee.

The end of August Mike left for Germany. I was a nervous wreck with him traveling over seas. I was relieved when he logged onto FB to let us know he was in his new home. He posted so many exciting pictures and small adventures he went on when it was his day off or in the evenings. I looked forward to traveling to Germany, but I was also scared, nervous and worried about leaving home and flying to another country not knowing the language or people.

The children and I were so excited as we arrived to the Charlotte airport. Mike's mom drove us and helped us through my first experience of airport security, luggage and boarding. What a hassle with children, but I will say with much excitement if you have a little one in a stroller you get to cut a lot of lines! Diane and I enjoyed a little drink after our three hour drive to the airport and then our hour process with a baby and six year old in the airport. I must admit I needed it! The eight hour ride was long, slightly painful, but to my surprised that Michael mostly slept except the first and last hour of the ride and Madison watched the TV screen the entire time! I tried to keep a smile as the plane took off but deep inside I was SCREAMING!

The landing was wonderful!
We flew from the evening sunlight in America to the night time skies across the ocean into the bright day light of Germany! It was amazing! Frankfurt Germany looked like any other city in America from the skies. We took off from the plane and headed to customs. I didn't expect to be asked so many questions as to why I was there. The police woman asking questions asked Madison did she know me, Madison rolled her eyes not understanding how important these questions were, so I spoke up and told her she had to answer. Madison did and she answered every question honestly, thank god, with a hint of sarcasm. After making it through customs i headed to baggage claims, to my surprise Mike, unlike the airports we're used to, couldn't enter that part of the airport. I some how loaded Mikey into his car seat that clipped into his stroller, pulled my vest machine bag, four other bags and our carry on bags, and the big body boppy pillow I brought for Mikey to sleep on for the plane ride.

I barely made it through the crowd of people to reach the exit door, but when I did at the end of the walkway there stood Mike, I busted into tears, Madison took of running and Mikey sat in his car seat wondering what was going on. How amazing the feeling is to see someone you love when you haven't been together for a some time. Oh I missed him so much! I pushed my nose into him smelling his scent and reaching up grabbing his face for a sweet tender kiss that I waited for for over four weeks. I did have a chuckle because as we turned to leave there stood the police woman watching us, yes, she left her post to come watch that Madison did come to Germany to see her father and wasn't a kidnapped smarty pants from America.

I will continue our adventures from Germany in the coming weeks.


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