Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One down fifteen to go

I am happy to report that I received my first Progesterone shot.
At the beginning of my pregnancy I received the RhoGAM shot and that is a very thick serum shot that is painful going in.

The newest addition to my shots record is the Progesterone shot. After having it covered by my insurance the order was put in and in four days I received my package in the mail with the needles, syringe, alcohol pads and medicine. 
I took it to my doctors office to get my first shot.

Michael is a wonderful care taker and he faithfully sticks my arm port and flushes monthly. However, puncturing through a small surface area of skin to reach the port access is no longer painful and hardly was to begin with. I trust Mike to stick me with my port needles. I trust him with any other needles, but I don't trust myself outside of his stick of the port needle.

When I was a child I would go weekly for two allergy shots that didn't go so well being stuck in my arm and at the age of sixteen I refused to take them. I left that clinic after ten years of shots dreading even a flu shot. I will say I am now a horrible patient to give a shot to. 
I have shot anxiety just as bad as my test anxiety.

Michael felt confident that he could give me the shot. However, I know me. I know what a pain in the butt I am and the anxiety build up is horrible and after seeing the needles that came in the mail I decided to take it at the doctors office.
Yes, my first day for these shots to hopefully keep my little bun in the oven until a safe clearance of at least thirty-seventh week of pregnancy has arrived. 
My sister was in visiting so packing Madison up in the car with my sis's baby and step son was no problem. I drove over to the office sweating like a mouse hiding from a hawk. 
Becoming very sick to my stomach I try to talk of other things as I sit down to wait, but my wonderful five year old asks "where do you get it?" which makes my want to hurl and I say in my butt. She laughs and the person inside of me is crying!

"Michelle, please come back" OH CRAP!!! That's me!!!
I did the march of barf to the room and she leaves to get my shot. Now my heart is going so fast I realize that my heart palpitations still happens.
The door slowly opens and it begins to feel like those horror films I can't watch. 
I beg her to please, please don't stab me with the needle and she chuckles and says "not to worry, but it will hurt a little worse because I had to change the needle size and gauge from what was in the mail, they sent to small of a needle". 
TO SMALL OF A NEEDLE??? Did she not look at the same needles I had seen on the way over? Are you kidding me!!!
So I not so proudly took it in my rear end while clenching to the side of the bed swearing to myself this baby better wait at least to it's thirty-seventh week.
I have never had an entire needle that long in my body, ever! 

These shots are like a flu shot for those who can't compare to the RhoGAM. They hurt going in and even more so being administered, but the next day your so sore that sitting is a problem.
Last night I slept on my side with pillows propping my right end up, but sometime along through the night in my restlessness I must have rolled around because walking, sitting, standing and clothes hurts.

I just hope unlike the flu shot it doesn't last for several days, because I have only six days before my next one.

~ Michelle ~

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