Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Count down

Today is moving at a turtle pace for me.
Last night I was very restless and hardly could find a comfortable position to lay.
I was thinking about our induction date and the health and excitement of our baby to come.

Our children do not have Cystic Fibrosis and how very thankful I am because they don't.
When Madison surprised we were at the doctors discussing my health and what we needed to do to conceive. After our talk an exam was done and based on how I felt they didn't tell me, but tested to see if in fact we were pregnant. Surprise!!! We were and that is the start of Madison.
After finding out we went immediately to a Genealogist to have Michael tested, he tested negative for hundreds of different mutations. With that being done I slept like a baby knowing my children will never have to physically deal with CF.

Little Michael's room is set up and ready. Mike is tackling my "honey must get done before baby comes" list. And Madison is nesting about as bad as I am. However Madison started her little sissy nesting two months ago and has been driving Mike and I crazy up to this point.

My CF is doing good. I am continuing my IVs until Michael is here and then we will do a stronger antibiotic do to the growth of Pseudomonas. This was the first time I have ever grown it and was a little scary when I started to read about it. I have never been the kind of person to read something previous to receiving information from the doctor and after this experience never again will I do that!
I do hope with aggressive treatments and returning to my daily diet and exercise it can been eradicated.

I am going to get Madison's home work started and after she finishes it is snuggle (nap for me) time on the couch.


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